Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Microblogging?! Isn’t blogging bad enough?

“It’s a cacophony of people shouting their thoughts into the abyss without listening to what anyone else is saying”

This could have been me in the pub on any of a number of times someone was unfortunate enough to ask my opinion, but it’s not, it’s Joel Spolsky, and that makes it right, or at least marginally more authoritative.

Sadly, as the post above details, Joel is ‘retiring’ from the type of long opinionated tirades we’ve grown to love, and moving into more ‘objective’ territory (I suggest he bypass Atwood altogether, and get it on with McConnell directly). But from where will we get our invective? Wherefore the curmudgeon of the internet, the grumpy old man of programming? I think, with one huge exception, I’ve argued Joel’s side on most software engineering debates I ever had.

How will I know what to think now?

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Anonymous said...

Join the dark side Piers. Twitter is the worlds bathroom wall.

I'm also sad that Spolsky is no longer blogging. You can still catch Joel on the Stack Overflow podcast. Or at least...you will be able to when it comes back.

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