Tuesday, April 07, 2009

TechEd 2008 DVD Silverlight Compatibility Issue

Shows how often I actually refer back to those DVDs, but now that Silverlight 2 is out they don’t work (well the navigation doesn’t, which is nearly as bad)

There are a number of crappy workarounds, but fortunately at least one clever fix (short of re-authoring the DVDs with the updated online content). Naively I thought you could just add the application/x-silverlight-2-b2 mime-type mapping into the registry and it would work, but apparently not.

The Silverlight version detection / browser sniffing / forwards compatibility story has been monumentally shite so far, because I’ve seen a whole heap of the ‘Install Silverlight’ button in lieu of content, but immortalizing it onto countless DVDs really takes the biscuit.

Flash – if I recall correctly – got this right first time, that being over a decade ago.

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