Saturday, November 14, 2009

What’s New in Windows Forms for the .Net Framework 4.0

Um. Well…


At least as far as one can tell from the documentation anyway. Check out the following:

What’s New in the .Net Framework Version 4 (Client)

Windows Forms Portal

…and compare with previous versions: [Search:] What’s New in Windows Forms

Ok, so I should really do a Reflector-compare on the assemblies and see if there really are absolutely no changes but the fact there’s not one trumpeted new feature speaks volumes about where Microsoft see the future of the client GUI, and they seem prepared to put that message across fairly bluntly. So much for whatever-they-said previously about ‘complimentary technologies’ (or something?)

(Albeit, all this is beta 2 doco, subject to change blah blah)


mailing list said...

As for me.. nothing is really new for the microsoft because some if its feature are already ope source.

report scheduler said...

really? what are these open source features?

trampoline said...
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