Monday, November 09, 2009

Performance Point 2010

Looks like the details are starting to come out now, and (predictably) it looks like the lions share of the effort has been the full SharePoint integration, and not really any major new features (or even old ProClarity features re-introduced) bar a basic decomposition tree.

That’s probably quite a negative assessment: there are lots of tweaks and improvements. In particular I was excited by PP now honouring Analysis Services Conditional Formatting, though I try not to wonder why it wasn’t there before. What I’ve not seen anywhere is if you’ve now got any control over individual series colours in charts. Due to PerformancePoint’s dynamic nature this is a tricky request, but its absence was a show-stopper for us last time I used it. I guess one day I will just have to sit down with a beta and find out.

Personally I’m not sold on the SharePoint integration strategy, but from where PerformancePoint was (totally dependent on SharePoint but not well integrated) it makes a lot of sense. But you can’t help but thinking Microsoft have burnt a whole product cycle just getting the fundamentals right. “This version: like the last should have been” is the all-too-familiar bottom line.

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