Monday, February 27, 2006

When to Automate

Generally speaking there are two main reasons to automate a process:
  • It's going to be done many times (so it'll save time), or
  • It needs to be done exactly the same each time
Doing a release build falls into both those categories, so from that perspective automated server builds (ala NAnt / CruiseControl.Net) start to look like a bit of a no brainer (especially if they can do the depoyment for you).

Interestingly, the Braidy Tester points out there's another important reason to automate, one that - as a developer - we invoke all the time: Morale. Even if I'm only going to do something once, if it doesn't take me much longer to automate it, then I will, for the sake of my own sanity. I'm a developer, not a computer.

It's worth factoring in the 'hidden cost' of not automating when making leadership calls, and err on the side of automation when it's a close call. Is not automating worth the morale cost of making people do really boring work?

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