Wednesday, February 15, 2006

VSS 2005 doesn't allow 'Leave this file' for writable files during Get Latest

Which is a bit of a pain really:

Unable to keep writable version of file in VSS 2005?

I tried the hack / workaround and it didn't work for me, so I've 'worked around' the problem by uninstalling VSS 2005 and going back to v6 (NB: need to re-run SourceSafe\Win32\SSInt.exe to re-register VSS6 for integrated source-control with VS / VB).

VSS 2005 was only mildly useful in that it allowed me to use an external diff tool (BeyondCompare, WinMerge) to view my changes, rather than the built-in one, but even then that meant I could only diff against the latest version (no dialog to allow you to put the previous numbered version syntax: eg File.cs;16), so I won't miss it much.

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Simon said...

Hi Piers,

I was rather irritated by this, so I wrote an app to enable the "Leave this file" radio button. More details on my blog post

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