Thursday, June 02, 2011

“PhpStorm 2.1 doesn't work too nice on my Windows + Samba anymore”

Got a really bizarre email from JetBrain’s bug tracking system the other day: a ‘won’t be fixed’ for a bug I had absolutely no interest in.

Like many users, I’d enabled notifications for ‘issues reported by me’. Turns out that someone had registered a user with the name ‘me’…


…and so managed to spam the entire registered user base when anything happened to any of their bugs :-/ So some fairly serious design failure there: user-entered data being mistaken as a control sequence - basically SQL injection (in spirit, at least).

Good job he didn’t register as Little Bobby Tables.


PS: Of course this is all a bit passé compared to hacking the electoral role
PPS: Why isn’t data tainting a compulsory part of all mainstream languages these days?

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