Monday, November 15, 2010

Column Store Indexes in Sql Server Denali

It’s funny because a college and I were having a discussion in the kitchen the other day about the whole ‘no SQL’ movement, and my point to him was that many of the advantages pertained to having a columnar storage model, and (especially in the light of Vertipaq) I didn’t think it would be long before this kind of storage mode migrated to mainstream RDBMs’s like SQL Server.

And then this, in Denali (Sql Server v-next):

“The columnstore index in SQL Server employs Microsoft’s patented Vertipaq™ technology, which it shares with SQL Server Analysis Services and PowerPivot. SQL Server columnstore indexes don’t have to fit in main memory, but they can effectively use as much memory as is available on the server. Portions of columns are moved in and out of memory on demand.”

MVP’s have been able to download CTP1 for a fortnight apparently, which means Mitch has been holding out on me. Damn his poker face.

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