Thursday, May 06, 2010

WinDbg Pain Points

Previously I talked about PowerDbg, what an awesome idea it was, but how it lacked some things. Well I spoke to the author, Roberto[1], who asked me to put my code where my mouth was, and now I am working with him on the next version.

So… if there’s anything particularly painful that you do in WinDBG now is the time to shout. You can comment on this blog if you like, but better would be to raise a ‘proposed feature’ on the Codeplex site itself.

A good example would be just how hard it is to work with a .Net Dictionary in WinDBG (except PowerDbg already handles that, and even better in the new version). Anything where you want a slightly ‘higher level’ view of the raw SOS data.


[1] Yes, that Roberto.

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