Friday, July 04, 2008

Finally: PowerShell as build language

I've never really got into MSBuild, which surprised some people given how much time in the last four years I've spend mucking about with CCNet / NAnt. It was partly that we did a bit of investigation when MSBuild came out, and saw a couple of things we didn't really like about it and decided to wait for v2 (ie Team Build in TFS 2008). Partly.

More fundamentally however the problem is that MSBuild is just too similar to NAnt, and my considered opinion after years of usage is that NAnt sucks, or to be more specific, XML is a terrible 'language' for writing executable code. Fowler puts it pretty well:
"After all until we tried it I thought XML would be a good syntax for build files"
Sure it's fine for the IDE to write that stuff out (though even then you have to look at it and wince, right), but for humans who want to customise their build process? Jesus wept. Variable scope: gone. Explicit parameters for subroutines (targets): gone. Its fine when it's simple, but once you start looping and branching and using temporary variables it's just a great big mess of angle brackets that even it's mother pities. And debugging? Now there's a story...

There's a time and a place for the angle bracket tax, and this isn't it. Square peg, round hole.

So given how amenable for DSLs PowerShell has proven to be, I've been holding my breath for some kinda PowerShell rake-alike.

And here it is: Introducing PSake

(Also Microsoft themselves are thinking about it, and canvassing for opinions about whether it's a good idea or not.)

Sadly (actually quite the opposite) I'm not actually having to deal with the build process on my current project, so I don't really have much excuse to play with it. But I dream of a future in which the TFS Team Build project wizard kicks out a PS1 file instead. It'd certainly make fixing some of it's shortcomings a whole heap easier (that's a subject for a future post)

Edit [14/7/08]: Most requested feature for MSBuild? Debugging. Obviously this'll be interpreted by the MSBuild team as a need for a debugger, but maybe they should have used a language that already had one.

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