Thursday, May 08, 2008

Running ASP.Net webservices under a service account

Most of the time I run websites and webservices in an app pool that's running as Network Service. It just saves a whole truck load of time and hastle:
* no passwords to worry about
* already trusted for kerberos delegation
* can still use it to talk to a database under integrated security (you just grant access to the machinename$ account in the domain).

Hey - this is what this account was *invented* for.

However, sometimes a specific service account is a must. Reasons include:
* Needing to differentiate access rights between applications running on the same host
* Needing to authenticate back across a one-way domain trust
* Specific policy mandates

Unfortunately you can't just add any account to IIS_WPG and use it, because the ACL on windows\temp is wrong: and grants access to network service rather than to the group. Miss this one, and you'll just get serialization errors left right and center.

So I do this:

Net localgroup iis_wpg /add mydomain\myserviceaccount
cacls %systemroot%\temp /E /G IIS_WPG:C

...then when you change the identity of the app pool you won't get 'Service Unavailable'.

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