Thursday, January 12, 2006

VB.Net vs C#

(As if the debate hadn't been done to death already, right?)

I'm not a big fan of VB. Frankly the syntax sends beads of sweat down the small of my back, and attempting to find the right method using those pull-down thingies gives me fits. However even I'd have to admit, there's no real 'big ticket' items that you could wave about to say 'VB is shit' (or 'C# is shit' if you're that way inclined).

Instead what we're into here is market differentiation. This is normally known as price descrimination, but in this case it's more like developer differentiation (note how I avoided saying something like 'intelligence descrimination' ;-). Because ultimately we're advocating the same thing - .Net - and buying another house for BillG with our licences.

Whilst we sit divided, bickering over the relative merits of curly braces vs End Sub, what we should be discussing is the more important issues like:
  • when Microsoft will properly support test-driven development in it's toolset?
  • whether J2EE has caught up / overtaken .Net yet (how come all the good stuff - think log4net, NMock, NHybernate etc... is all java ports)?
  • is there yet a sensible framework for developing on Linux?
It's like a debate over white vs black iPods. Us .Net developers really need to get out more...

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