Wednesday, September 09, 2009

TechEdAu 2009: Day 1


  • Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder: build-in screen flow capture can be used to troubleshoot – or just document – your own UIs
  • SketchFlow: Microsoft getting into the ‘paper-prototyping’ space
  • Sql 2008 R2 ‘Database Application Components’ – packages schema, logins and jobs as one deployment unit, mainly intended for dynamic virtualisation, but obvious implications for ‘over the fence’ UAT/Prod deployments (good commentary). And CEP (‘StreamInsight’) for real-time in-memory data analysis.
  • Gemini: heterogeneous data query and BI for the Excel guy. I think the business will go nuts, the question is how easy it’ll be to upscale it to SSAS when it becomes necessary. Some suggestion the Gemini code may be used to improve SSAS’s ROLAP performance.
  • Dublin: making your WF / WCF apps manageable via IIS manager, and visible to SCOM. One click admin UI to resume suspended workflows
  • Workflow: It’s back! And now looking more like SSIS than ever (variables as part of the pipeline etc..). XAML only all the way now, so no more CodeActivities, and no backwards compatibility :-/
  • Using SetToString for MDX debugging. Genius.
  • WCF for Net 4: Default bindings! Standard endpoints! Default behaviour configurations!
  • I should probably mention the free HP Mini netbook as well.
  • Printed schedule. At last.
  • Passing WCF exam


  • Schedule builder designed for larger screens than HP Mini. Can we just get the data from a feed please?
  • Coffee queue
  • No pen or paper in bag
  • No outbound SMTP from the WiFi (again). IMAP users roll your eyes…

(Update 17/9: Added some hyperlinks in lieu of more detailed explanations. And realized I missed Sql CEP altogether…)

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